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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Brand Refresh

Brand & Visual Identity refresh for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Creative Director: Kieran Murphy

Lead Designer: Peter Burt

Senior Artworker: Nick Allen

Brand Manager: Tia Skinner

Senior Brand Manager: Samantha Valentine

Motion Designer: Aaron Diamond

Players Championship_BC.png


The logo is a refreshed iteration of the previous Tottenham Hotspur Stadium logo, created for the stadium opening in 2018.


The addition of the tapered key line brings depth and perspective to the stadium facade, which appeared flat in it’s previous guise. The wordmark changed in-line with brand typeface development, moving the stadium away from the core Tottenham Hotspur club font, Apex.


Visual Language

The core shape elements of the brand are based on the natural, flowing forms of the Stadium architecture.

The curvilinear elements peak and trough as they wrap around the Stadium, creating shapes that visually express the unpredictable and exciting nature of events.

Stadium Brand Moodboard_Route A-02.png

“It’s all about dynamism and movement... mounted at angles and peppered with thousands of different-sized perforations, creating angles and texture.”

Christopher Lee on Tottenham Hotspur Stadium façade

Populous EMEA Managing Director and Project Director for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium



Lightroom presets were developed to help edit photography so it fits seamlessly with the visual language. Emphasis was placed on vibrance and colour through meticulous colour grading. Soft touch gradient mapping of the colour palette allows the brand to filter through the photography, adding excitement and personality.

1. Tunnel Club.jpg
THFCvCP 030419__022 (1).jpg


Premium photography focuses on presenting the world-class stadium spaces as bright and inviting environments. A separate preset bundle was developed specifically to bring out the premium colour palette

Boxing_Brand Treatment.png

Application Examples via PDC Social Media

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